minted & dipped

The Art of Minted & Dipped

Minted & Dipped represents perfection in a class of its own. We are a high end, custom headwear line. Our products range from Minted & Dipped designed, custom fitted hats, snapback hats and various custom headwear. We pride ourselves in creating rare custom designs that are exclusive pieces of art.
We have a unique niche in creating exclusive headwear for artists, celebrities and individuals who want a product that is a one of a kind artwork, created from skilled, high-end craftsmanship and with attention to detail. Minted & Dipped takes pride to be in its own class and a head above!

Fabric Used

Our hats are made from a wide range of fabrics from wool, leather, cotton, polyester and other fabrics pending the demand and vision.

Minted and Dipped Pin

All of our hats come with a 24K gold plated Minted & Dipped exclusive pin.

Custom Labels

All of our hats are made with custom labels depending on the artistic vision of the hat in mind.

Minted and Dipped Patch

All of our hats come with the metallic gold Minted & Dipped exclusive patch.

Inner Lining

Our Minted & Dipped hats come with custom designer inner lining.

Adjustable Strap

Our adjustable hats come with adjustable leather straps and other high end materials.


Our craftsmen create and add custom jewels to some of our exclusive hats.

Under LID Artwork

Exclusive Minted & Dipped hats have unique artwork on the under lid of the hats.